Letters from Stanton Friedman & Jerome Clark about "Shades of Gray"

Jerome Clark author of the UFO Encyclopedia:

Hi, Bob,

I am frankly thrilled at how well this film turned out.

I love the way you tell the story, which keeps circling back on itself, each time exposing new levels of insight and revelation. The final part, integrating Barker's public life as a UFO personality and his private one as a deeply closeted gay man, is a stroke of genius, and entirely persuasive. The first part so brilliantly parodies a cheesy, gap-mouthed cable-TV UFO "documentary" that you had me fooled there for a few minutes. Watching it, I was lulled into thinking, "Oh, another one of those." Man, was I wrong.

You've made a smart, unexpectedly moving film, and I give you my heartiest congratulations. I've watched it four times now, and it stands up each time. I've also learned things I didn't know from it.



Leading Ufologist Stanton Friedman:

That was a touching film. Thanks for sending it. Well done. A sad tale but a fascinating one. As best I can tell you have captured the man.. warts and all.

Stan Friedman

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