"Romeo Must Hang"


In 1931 a woman and her three children left their home in Chicago, en route to a new life promised them by a man who promised a home, affection and security. Three weeks later they were found dead - buried in a ditch in a small West Virginia Town . . . and they were not alone.

This is a story that transfixed an entire nation for months; a story that came to be imortalized in a classic Hollywood film (Night of the Hunter, starring Robert Mitchum); and even as it has faded into obscurity, its effect echoes even still - every time the news media latches on to a serial killer in an attempt to profitize from scaring the living hell out of you.

The newspapers screamed, "ROMEO MUST HANG!" Rest assured, he did. And his name was Harry Powers.

Were woking on the website now and should have it up and running in early June with a trailer for the film. www.romeomusthang.com

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